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Speranskaya TV, Aleksandrov PN. 
“The Study of the Influence of Histamine and Serotonin Antagonists on Inflammation”. 
Byull. Éksp.Biol.Med. 1975;79(3):26-29.
The effects of an antihistamine (diphenhydramine hydroch - loride) and serotonin antagonists (morphine D-LSD-25,tipindole) on the development of the inflammatory process was studied. In. 142 male hamsters punctate burns were produced: in the mucous membrane of the cheek pouch by exposure to UV light The test compounds (1 .x.1,0 4-1 x 10 g/ml) were applied before the exposure, after the exposure or daily for 10 days after the exposure. The progress of the inflammatory process was studied by measuremente of the calibre of the vessels and by timing of the vasomotor reactions. Results Diphenhydramine had no effect on the development of the in - flammatory process, suggesting histamine type 1 receptors play no important part in it. On the other hand, morphine D- LSD-25 and tipindole in concentrations corresponding to their D-antisero - tonin activity had an evident anti-inflammatory effect probably due to indomethacin-like activity as well as d-serotonin blockade since they are indole derivatives.
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