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Siva Sankar DV. 
“LSD-a Total Study”. 
. 1975.
Prologue Historical Perspectives 23 Molecular Investigations Introduction 41 Relations Between Molecular Structure and Psychobiological Activity 66 ; Chemistry of LSD By Albert Hofmann 107 Studies on Lysergates By RonaldBradleyandJohnR. Smythies 141 Stereo-electronic Considerations By C. L. Johnson, S. Bang and J. P. Green 197 : Biogenesis of Ergot Alkaloids 246 Metabolism of LSD 266 Analytical Techniques for the Estimation of LSD and Other Drugs 266 . LSD . Past Imperfect, Future Indefinite World Concern on Use of LSD 277 General Effects and Contraindications of the Use of LSD.

286 Warnings Against the Use of LSD

308 Psychological Investigations Psychological Studies Effects on Personality, Mood, Behaulor, Learning, Sexual Activity, Creativity, Test Battery Performance, Perception, etc. 324 / Manipulation of Time and Space By Roland Fischer 362 1 Neurological and PHYSIOLOGICAL Investigations Electrical Activity of Brain During Wakefulness / And Sleep. By Leonide Goldstein 395 l' Visual and Auditory Effects 437 / Physiological Effects of LSD 451

/ Effects on Sleep, Dream Cycles and on , I Rhythmic Activities 464 Genetic Investigations I Genetic Studies, Effects on Chromosomes in Culture, in Animals, in Humans, and Lower Organisms and Plants, Effects on Reproduction, Controlled and / Uncontrolled Studies etc. 470 Biochemical Investigations General Biochemical Studies. Effects on Growth, Hunger, WaterMetabolism, / Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Inorganic Elements, General Enzyme Effects etc. 501 Effects on Endocrine System, Hormones, and Amines. Effects on the Endocrine and Neurohormone Systems, the Various Biogenic Amines, Neurohormones, Their Metabolism, Enzymes, etc. 517 Pharmacological Investigations Reversibility and Cross Tolerance to Other Drugs 565 Relationships with Other Drugs 676 Effects on Lower Organisms and Insect.By Peter N. Witt 603 A Psychiatric Investigations : Rehabilitation of Drug Users 626 Medical Uses of Lysergates - 651 Use of LSD as an Adjuvant to Psychotherapy. By Harold A. Abramson 687 Patterns and Profiles of Non-Medical Use Sociodynamic Investigations A Brief Description of Psychedelics and the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic. A Bird's Eyeview. By S. F. Eagle 701 Sociodynamic and Demographic Studies. Patterns of Use and Abuse in Various Populations, Profiles of Users and Post-Addicts, Summary Data Tables, etc. 709 Religion, Law and Public Education Religion and LSD 783 Or A Control of Drugs, Law and : Education of the Public

795 Drugs of Past and Future Licit and Illicit Drugs 817 Ethnopharmacogilosy 832 Recent Studies on LSD 872 Epilogue 886 Appendices and Indexes Appendixes, Classification of Drugs, . Offsets of Abused Drugs, Identification of Drug Abusers, Legal Penalties, Slang Terminology, and Available Literature on Drug Education 889 AUTHOR INDEX 923 SUBJECT INDEX 947 PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Visual and Auditory Systems 437 References 446 i Physiological Effects 451 Effects of LSD on Respiration and Oxygen Consumption 454 Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on Blood Pressure and Vascular System 455 Effects of LSD on Muscular Activity and Tremor 458 Effect of LSD on Gastrointestinal Activities 460 ! References 460 , Effect of LSD on Sleep, Dream Cycles and Rhythm 464 References 468

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