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Siegal RK, Brewster JM, Jarvik ME. 
“An Obsservational Study of Hallucinogen-Induced Behavior in Unrestrained Macaca Mulatta”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1974;40:211-223.
An attempt was made to develop an objective behavioral profile that could be used to distinguish the behavioral effects of hallucinogens from those of other classes of drugs Saline, bromo-lysergic acid diethylamide, and two doses to respond each of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), diemethyltryptamine (DMT), chlorrated by this

promazme, and d - amphetamine sulphate were administered to solitary adolescent rhesus monkeys whose behavior was observed, videotaped, and scored in a number of interaction of categories. Hallucinogens (LSD and DMT) could be distinguished from other drugs by the increased frequency of unusual behaviors such as spasms, stereotypy, and inappropriate behavior, and the decreased amount of exploration time. Hallucinogens also produced distinctive qualitative changes in behavior.

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