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Niwaguchi T, Inoue T. 
“Studies on the P-450 Difference Spectra induced by Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in Rat Liver Micosomes”. 
Chem.Pharm.Bull.. 1975;23(6):1300-1303.
The relationship between metabolism by rat liver microsomes and LSD-binding with cytochrome P-450 was studied using LSD induced difference spectra. Increasing concentration of LSD, from O.O1 to 0.7 mM, in the microsomal suspension containing 2 mg/ml protein showed a shift From type I Spectrum to the modified type II spectrum. This suggested that a composite change of two spectra might be present And that the P-450 might have 2 or more binding sites to LSD. Type I compounds SKF 525-A and hexobarbital (Dainippon) added to both reference and sample, induced the spectral changes at lower concentrations of LSD. The affinity of LSD to different binding sites on P450 was reflected in the spectra dissociation constants for each curve. The metabolism rate of LSD was almost exactly equal to the spectra dissociation constant for type I component of LSD.
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