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Absava, G. I.; Artemenko, G. N.; fon Littrov, K. Vikhlynyev, Yu.. 
“The correlation between triftazine distribution in some rat organs and in pharmacological effects with deferent types of administration.”. 
Farmakologimcg i Toksikologiya (Moskva).. 1975.
The correlation between the dynamics of triftazine distribution in the brain, liver and blood plasma and the dynamics of the drugs cataleptic, antiaggressive and motor coordination effects were investigated in rats. Following oral triftazine administration, the drug was slowly absorbed in the liver; intramuscular administration led to faster and more even drug distribution. The pharmacological effects of triftazine occur more rapidly following intramuscular administration because of the speed with which the neuroleptic reaches the brain. 20 references. (Journal abstract modified)
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