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Luria J. 
“An Investigation Of Interactions Among LSD Dextroamphetamine, And VerbalsBehavior In Monologues And Dialogues”. 
Diss.Abstr.Intern.B. 1974;34(11):5656-B-5657-B.
The present monograph examines some of the classical ap - proaches to drug research and discusses a new model for such research. Patients under the influence of LSD, dextroamphetamine - and aq inactive placebo, ingested in random order, are recorded in monologues and therapeutic dialogues. Comparisons of speech rhythms, specifically transitional pause probabilities, in monologues and therapeutic dialogues were made to test the following three hypotheses: First, with respect to drug effects as measured by transitional pause probabilities, there will be differences between monologues and dialogues. Second, LSD which increases pauses in monologues should be attenuated in respective dialogues,while dextroamphetamine which decreases pauses in monologues should be-intensified in respective dia - logues. Third, with respect to placebo, both LSD and dextro - amphetamine should decrease mean transitional pause proba - bilities. The three hypotheses were confirmed. The dichotomy between "social≤ and ≥personality≤ variables is examined and a different approach is suggested.
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