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Lowe G, Williams DI. 
“LSD-25 and light reinforced behaviour in the rat; interaction with infantile stimulation.”. 
Life Sci.. 1972;11(22):1079-1083.
Twenty female rats were studied to determine whether LSD-25 would depress responding. for light in animals handled during infancy (H) more than in animals left undisturbed in infancy (NH). . During the 20-day period from birth to.weaning, one half of the pups were placed in a handling ap - paratus for 30 sec per day' half were left undisturbed. At 100 Days of age each rat. was placed in a dark for 30 min. The following day, half. the. H and half :the' NH rats received 'O.2mg/kg of LSD-25 intraperitoneally in 9aline solution; other animals were injected with 0.9aline. Ten minutes. after injection each rat was placed in the dark experimental box for a 1-hour period; Clever press produced dim light . onset for the duration of the response. After in-: jection of the LSD-25 and during the first 30-min period, the' H animals" responded significantly more than the NH animals,' end LSD-25 signifi - cantly depressed responding only in H -animals. For a second 30-min period only the handling ef - fect was significant. The

observed 'interaction between the effect of LSD-25 and infantile stimu - lation is consistent with the. idea that the drug: decreases 'the arousal level in handled animals: whose optimum level.of arousal is higher than that of control 'animals' relatively unstimulated during infancy. The results of the the idea that LSD-25 depresses responding for - light onset only in circumstances where a signifi - cant light reinforcement. effect is found

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