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Janzik HH, Kroenert K, Gupta D. 
“Hormonal Evaluation in Young Drug Addicts”. 
J.Pharmacol.. 1974;5(Suppl. 2):46.
- Drug addiction in young subjects is usually accompanied by various neuropsychological problems but the condition also needs systematic hormonal evaluation. In a pilot study on 9 men and 3 girls (age between 14 and 25 yr) with morphine, opium and heroin there was a strong decrease in libido and potency in almost all subjects. Amphetamine and LSD addicts however showed oposite effects. The functional tests on the pituitary-gonad and pituitary-adrenal axes, determining blood concentrations of testosterone dihydrotestosterone, estrone, estradiol and cortisol by radio-immunoassay, showed both axes to be poorly integrated due to morphine, opium and heroin, but no significant alteration was seen in the amphetamine and LSD taking subjects when their results were compared with controls of the same age group The close relation between the characteristic neuropsychological features of drug effect and reduction in gonadat steroid concentration suggests drug-mediated effects on the hypothalamo-pituitary gonadal axis
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