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Hitner H, Di Gregorio GJ. 
“Preliminary Investigation of the Peripheral Sympathomimetic Effects of Phencyclidine”. 
Arch Int Pharnacodyn. 1974;212:36-42.
The peripheral sympathomimetic effects of Phencyclidine were investigated in vitro on the vas deferens of the guinea-pig and i?Z Vito on the nictitating membrane of the cat. Phencyclidine poten-tiated contractions of the vas deferens induced by norepinephrine (NE) and completely blocked contractions induced by acetylcholine (ACH). In comparison, mescaline potentiated NE and partially blocked ACH induced contractions while LSD-25 potentiated both NE and ACH induced contractions. Contractions of the nictitating membrane induced by epinephrine and electrical stimulation were potentiated by phencyclidine. The potentiation occurred after nexamethonium but was significantly reduced after denervation. In the frog sciatic-gastrocnemius preparation, where lidocaine was applied directly on the nerve, phencyclidine reversed the inhibitory erects of lidocaine on conduction in a significantly shorter time compared to controls. Phencyclidine alone, demonstrated facilitation of submaximally stimulated contractions of the gastrocnemius muscle.
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