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Halaris AE, Freedman DX, Fang VS. 
“Plasma Corticoids And Brain Tryptophan After Acute And Tolerance Dosage Of LSD”. 
Life Sciences. 1975;17:1467-1472.
The effect of acute and tolerance dosage schedules of LSD on plasma corticoids and brain tryptophan in normal, adren - alectomized and hypophysectomized rats was examined. Plasma corticoids increased 20-fold after one dose of LSD and the time course of this effect paralleled the increase in brain trypto - phan. Both effects of LSD were abolished in adrenalectomized animals; after hypophysectomy the drug-induced tryptophan increase did occur but only after a significant delay. After multiple daily injections of LSD there was a significant degree of toler - ance both to the plasma corticoid and brain tryptophan response.
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