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Goodrich CA, Hoff KM, Baker PC. 
“The Maturational Effects of LSD upon Brain Weight and Behavior in the Mouse.”. 
Comp Gen Pharmacol. 1974;5(2):153-155.
The effects of LSD upon mouse behavior and brain weight during maturation were investigated. Methods Male and female CFW mice were given i.p. doses of 0.5, 5.0 or 50.0 mcg/kg LSD on days 1 or 7 post-partum. The animals were allowed to grow to maturity and tested at 8 wk. Behavior was tested by the 'head poke' test. Brain weights were takenfrom freshly killed mice. Results The head poke test showed no significant differences between control and LSD-injected mice of both sexes. There was however a significant reduction in brain weights for male animals injected on day 1. Hemispheres and mescephalon-diencephalon showed a significant reduction only at the 50.0 mcg/kg doses, and the medulla-pons showed reduced weights at the 5.0 and 50.0mcg/kg doses, the greatest reduction being at the highest dose. Males injected on day 7, and all the females, showed no brain weight changes.
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