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Fernandez J, Browne IW, Cullen J, Brennan T, Matheu H, Fischer I. 
“ in vivo retrospective chromosome study.”. 
Annals of Human Genetics (London).. 1973;37(1):81-91.
In a single-blind retrospective in vivo study, chromosome analyses were performed on 32 psychiatric patients who had been treated with known- amounts of pure d-LSD 25 and on 32 con - trols. The control group consisted of psychiatric patients who were on comparable psychophar - macological medication (other than LSD). The Proportions of chromosomal aberrations noted in the two groups showed a nonsignificant dif - ference. There was no cytogenetic evidence to suggest that pure d-LSD 25 given in therapeutic amounts produced increased chromosomal damage. 39 references.
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