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Egezcue J, Escude D. 
“LSD and Chromosomes”. 
Int Pharmacopsychiat. 1972;7:237-243.
Historically, there is an indication in both eastern and western cultures of the presence of intoxicating drugs and evidence of their use in sublimated form as sacred symbols of communication in religious functions. While alcohol has been the drug utilized in western cultures, cannabis derivatives are observed more commonly in eastern cultures. The occurrence of the recent drug subculture emphasizes the need to evaluate these substances which are basic modifiers of the biochemical processes of the human body, as well as their significance to the present cultural phenomenon. From a philosophical point of view, LSD provides the biochemical basis to reproduce the experience known as illumination. Individuals with such spiritual insight in the past, have utilized it as a basis for producing new sets of values to replace preexisting ones. However, in this new culture illumination is obtained by means of an extremely dangerous new "Sacrament", LSD (Leary, 1968). Cohen and his colleagues (1967) first described chromosomal abnormalities in human cells treated with lysergic acid diethylamide. Since then, numerous papers have been published on the subject. This is a review of the results obtained so far.
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