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Burstein S, Levin E, Varanelli C. 
“Prostaglandins And Cannabis - II. Inhibition Of Biosynthesis By The Naturally Occuring Cannabinoids”. 
Biochem Pharm. 1973;22:2905-2910.
;A series of the naturally occurring cannabinoids were tested for possible effects on the biosynthesis of prostaglandins. Most of the substances examined were able to inhibit in varying degrees the conversion of 8,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid to prostaglandin El (PGE1) when incubated with bovine seminal vesicle microsomes. The order of activity starting with the most potent was cannabinol, cannabidiolic acid, delta-6-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-6-THC), cannabidiol, cannabichromene and delta-1-THC; cannabicyclol showed almost no inhibitory activity. It is suggested that certain of the pharmacological actions of some of these cannabinoids may be explained by a similar effect in vivo. Olivetol, which represents a partial structure for all of the compounds tested, showed high activity, indicating that the inhibitory power of the cannabinoids resides in the aromatic portion of the molecule.
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