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Sokolik Z. 
“Psychotherapy with psychodysleptics”. 
Wld J Psychosynthesis. 1971;3(10):41-42.
Use of LSD 25 to intensify emotional reactions during psychotherapy with neurotic patients is discussed. Success is based on a special kind of emotional contact between the therapist and the patient, with transference much more intensive than in therapy without psychodysleptics. Two different techniques of combining LSD with psychotherapy are: 1) using individual or group psychotherapy during intoxication, at the end of it, or immediately after to intensify the emotionality in therapy; and 2) psychotherapy before the intoxication to prepare the patient and guide his emotions in the right way, with the emotional peak reached during intoxication. Experiences with 162 patients over 2 years resulted in physician evaluations that 600f the patients had greatly improved; 33howed no improvement and 7howed deterioration. In valuations by the patients, 64% reported increased satisfaction in every day life and 24% reported increased sexual satisfaction. Chromosomal damage in normal cures is termed insignificant. 8 references.
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