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McCarthy ME. 
“LSD as a diagnostic aid.”. 
Unitas: a quarterly for the arts and sciences. 1970;43(2):3-35.
An investigation of the diagnostic values of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) as revealed by' Rorschach protocols is'reported. Subjects were eight female and two male psychiatric inpatients of the University of the East, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Hospital. It was found that LSD facilitates diagnosis of maladjustment and that the inner of psychological workings are most clearly amplified in the case of schizophrenics. Younger.clinical subjects tended to give more overt reactions, but the age was not a deterrent since all post-LSD protocols confirmed the Assigned personality classifications as accurate. The beneficial aspects of LSD for returnees were predictèd only on a tentative basis. It is concluded that,.under carefully supervised conditions, LSD can be harnessed for diagnostic- purposes. 52. references.
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