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Malmnas CO. 
“Monoaminergic Influence on Testosterone-Activated Copulatory Behavior in the Castrated Male Rat.”. 
Acta physiol scand. 1973;89(Suppl. 395):9-128.
Monoaminergic influence on testosterone-activated copulatory behavior in the castrated male rat was studied. A method suitable for pharmacological studies on hormone- activated heterosexual mounting behavior in the castrated male rat was developed. The effects of single or weekly s.c. injections of testosterone propionate (TP) (Organon) were studied, and the effects of estradiol benzoate, progesterone (Organon) adrenalectomy, long acting (Cprtrophin) or short acting porcine ACTH (Actor; Fearing) and dexamethasone (Organon) were investigated. It took 5 hr for TP to affect copulatory behavior in rats on submaximal doses with respect to mount % by means of wkly TP treatment. In another study the effects of monoamine precursors on copulatory behavior were studied. Neuropharndogical compounds used were pargyline HCl (Entonyl, Abbott), nialamide HGl (Niamid; Pfizer), a-a-3,4-d'hydroxybenzyl)-Q-hydrazino propionic acid (MK 486; Merk, Sharp and Dohme), DL-5-hydroxytryptophane (DL-5-HPT) (Nutritional Bochem.), l-dope (Hassle) and DL-threo-3,4-dihydroxyphenylserine (Hassle), Pargyline and nialamide inhibited TP-activated heterosexual copulatory activity in castrated male rats. DL-5-HPT given before pargyline decreased this response although alone it had no effect. L-domcg had no such effect-on the copulatory response. Copulatory behavior after impaired monoaminergic neuro-transmission was also studied. Effects of reserpine (Sepasil; CIBA), tetrabenazine HCl (Nitoman; Roche), dl-p - chlorophenyl-alanine (PCPA; H69/17; Hassle), dl-a-methyl-p-tyrosine (a-MT H44/68; Ha s ale), bis(4 - methyl - 1 -homopipe ra zinyl'hio carbonyl) -disulfide (FLA -63; H8339; Hassle), chlorpromazine (Hibernal; Leo), pimozide (Janssen), phenoxybenzamine (Dibenyline; SK+F), and dl-propranolol HCl (Inderal; ICI) given i.p. were studied. Effects of LSD-25 (Sandoz), clonidine HCl (Boehringer-Ingelheim), apomorphine (Sandoz) and pimozide (Janssen) on copulatory activ-ity were also studied. Reserpine and tetrabenazine suppressed TP-activated heter-osexual behavior. After repeated PCMCG treatment the mount and intrOmission percentage increased. -a-MT--had inhibitory effects. Catecholamine but not serotonin depletion was inhibitory. LSD decreased copulatory behavior while apomorphine increased it. The latter was blocked by pimozide.
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