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Lochaya E. 
“The Strange Trip of Dr. Hofmann”. 
Health News. 1970 47(6):l2-13.
Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD-25, discovered in 1943 accidentally by Dr. Albert Hofmann, is a controversial drug; it halps to ease both physical and mental pain, but it has also wrecked the lives of many young people who od not have the maturity or experience to cope with it or who are not aware of the dosage. When working wit derivatives of a fungus extract, ergot, Dr. Hofmann found that LSD had the same hallucinogenic effect as sacred mushrooms found in Mexico and used by the Indians for mind expansion. Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert, Harvard professors, convinced of the drug's power, began experiments in its use that involved many students, resulting in its experimentation by college students throughout the country. LSD has proved completely unpredictable: Mnay people have had 'bad trips' and never recover their mental faculties. Today, the number of people using LSD as an escape drug is on the decrease because of fear of its results.
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