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Kurland AA, Grof S, Pahnke WN, Goodman LE. 
“Psychedelic Drug Assisted Psychotherapy. In Patients With Terminal Cancer”. 
Psychotheramacological Agents for the Terminally Ill and Bereaved. 1973;p86-133.
Our first study with LSD was undertaken in.1955 when its possible , cherotherapeutic properties were investigated in a small group of chronically ill, regressed.schizophrenic patients (Cholden et al., j 6. lo'

1955). The unrewarding outcome of this study led to a loss of interest in the compound. Interest was rekindled a few years later when a flurry of reports containing rather encouraging findings in the treatment of alcoholics with LSD appeared (Osmond, 1957; 1 . Smart and Storm, 1964). In these reports there began to be outlined the use of LSD in psychotherapeutic context, rather than its use as a chemotherapeutic agent, per se. It was the possibility of enhancing this approach that led to the re-initiation of our studies with LSD in 1963.

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