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Klerman GL. 
“Drugs And The Dying Patient”. 
Psychopharmalogical Agents for the Terminally Ill and Bereaved. 1973;p14-27.
In recent years, there has been a significant change in our society's attitude towards death. Death is no longer a totally taboo subject, by at least among professional workers in medicine, mental health, nursing, psychology, and the ministry (Kutscher, 1971) (Schoen - berg and Senescu, 1970) (Weisman and Hackett, 1961a,b,). Prior to the 19th century, death was an integral part of the direct experience and consciousness of all members of society (Pahnke, 1969a). However, one of the consequences of industrialization and urbanizetion, especially since the latter half of the 19th century, has been the separation of the experiences of life, death, and pain from the immediacy of family life. The development of hospitals caused the separation of the family members. Individuals giving birth, feeling grief pain, and dying were apart from the people with whom they could share these profound experiences.
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