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Jacob JJ, Girault JMT. 
“The Influence Of Cyproheptadine And Of D-lysergamide On The Rise In Temperature Induced By Intracerebroventicular 5-hydroxytryptamine, Noradrenaline And Dopamine In Conscious Rabbits”. 
Eur J Pharmacology. 1974;27:59-67.
Cyproheptadine and LSD, two known antagonists of the peripheral effects of 5-HT, were administered i.v. to conscious rabbits at different times before the intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of 5-HT, NAD or dopamine. Cyproheptadine (which had a slight hypothermic effect) antagonized the rise in temperature induced by 5 - HT; this antagonism was dose-related and appeared to be specific in that the hyperthermia induced by noradrenaine or dopamine was hardly modified. Interactions between LSD (which is hyperthermic alone) and 5-HT were more complex - both potentiation and depression being observed.
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