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Fisher G. 
“The psycholytic treatment of a childhood schizophrenic girl.”. 
International Journal of Social Psychiatry (London).. 1970;16(2):112-130.
A report is given of one of 12 autistic and schizophrenic children who were experimentally treated with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin in a research study which began in early 1962 and terminated in the middle of 1963. Some judments were made as to what these experiences were about. The hypothesis used in the research and treatment program involving 12 children diagnosed as childhood schizophrenics is that psychosis is a massive defensive system of repression avoidance denial in the service of protecting the individual from experiencing his-feelings. The rationale behind the use of psychedelic agents with psychotic children was that these drugs have the capacity to activate or chemically energize various areas of the brain to an extreme degree resulting in vivid experiencing in the area of perception, emotion, memory and feeling. Experiences and feelings ordinarily denied awareness receive proportionately more energy causing them to break into a state of consciousness which is less strongly dominated by the usual defenses and values which one has developed. Without the usual complicated defen-sive structures and censures, the individual is able to reexperience himself in a far less distorted way and to reevaluate the worthiness of his essential self.
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