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Culver CM, King FW. 
“Neuropsychological Assessment of Undergraduate Marihuana and LSD Users”. 
Arch.gen.Psychiat.. 1974;31:707-711.
An extended battery of neuropsychological tests was administered to three groups of; college seniors (Lysergic acid diethylamide-[LSD]/ mescaline users; marihuana/hashish users; and controls) who were matched on predrug usage intellectual and personality dimensions. The study was replicated one year later. In the combined-years' analyses, the three groups showed statistically significant differences only on the Trail Making Test: LSD/mescaline users performed within normal limits but significantly worse than either of the other two groups. Since the three groups also differed significantly in the extent Cal their alcohol usage, a covariance analysis was carried out that indicated that this variable did not account for the LSD/mescaline group's performance on the Trail Making Test Inference about possible organic dysfunction cannot be drawn from these find-ings, but prospective neuropsychological testing might prove useful.
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