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Apple DJ, Bennett TO. 
“Multiple Systemic and Ocular Malformations Associated With Maternal LSD Usage”. 
Arch Ophtal. 1974;92:301-303.
A boy was born with multiple malformations including anencephaly with ectopic placenta, absent left arm, clettlip end palate, syndactyly, coloboma at the iris, cataract, and corneal opacity with vascularization. The mother had used lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) before and during pregnancy. The limb amputation deformities are the primary findings in this case. These changes are sufficiently specific to suggest a correlation with other reported cases in which a higher than expected incidence ot such deformities are observed in infants following maternal ingestion of the drug. This is only the second recorded case of lens abnormalities associated with maternal LSD ingestion.
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