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Seitz G. 
“Eine einfache Methode zur Identifizierung von Rauschgiften”. 
Muench Med Wochenschr. 1973;115(50):2287-89.
The identification of suspicious material gives problems, since availability of gas- and thin-layer-chromatography, as well as IR, UV and NMR spectroscopy is usually essential. The recent introduction of a small work-box (E.Merck, Darmstadt) operating on the test-strip principle (as for other tests in clinical chemistry) enables the immediate identification of suspected compounds. A color reaction takes place in reagent-impregnated paper bonded to a plastic strip. The kit also contains various solvents and 2 plastic spot-test plates. The suspected material : is dissolved in solvent in 1 of the indentations and the test strip is dipped into the resulting solution, The color produced is read off against a scale. Test-strips are available for (1) LSD; 0.002 mg can be demonstrated by reaction with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde and HC1. Some p-substituted indoles (ergot alkaloids, serotonin, B - indoleacetic acid,dimethyltryptamme, psilocybin) give false positive reactions. (2) Hasidsh/marijuana; some constitutentS of cannabis (e.g.>tetrahydrocannabinol) give violet-brown ago dyes with a stable diazonium salt (Fast Blue B). 0.025 mg Hashish can be demonstrated. Cloves,nutmegs, ginger and male fern root give similar reactions, (3) Opium; meconic acid reacts with FeCl3. 0.05 mg Opium can be demonstrated and the test is in effect specific, (4) Morphine; after oxidation by iodic acid, -- l morphine gives a violet color with alkaline FeCl3. 0.05 mgl Morphine can be demonstrated, and only Dilaudid and boldine give l similar reactions. (5) Morphine derivatives; compounds with the morphine skeleton (heroin, codeine, Dionin, paracodin, Dilaudid, EuRodal, Dicodid etc.) give a violet color with formaldehyde-sulfuric acid. The test demonstrates 0.05 mg of l material and only the alkaloids quinine, boldine and bulbocaprine give similar colors. () Cocaine; A green color is produced with cobalt thiocyanate; the test is not very specific and compounds giving false positive reactions include quinine, quinidine, papaverine, Librium, Dolantin, Polamidon, Resochin, Ticarda, Decentan and Vivimed. The test kit is intended only for identification of suspicious , compounds. It will be extended with test strips for barbiturates, L the stimulant amines, mescaline and a specific heroin strip,
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