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Sadoff RL. 
“LSD, Alcohol, and Homicide.”. 
J.A m.Med.Assoc.. 1973;225(9):123.
The possible incompatibility between alcohol and LSD is discussed. The Author suggests that alcohol ingestion following a series of LSD trips may have a stimulating effect on hallucinatory experiences of the 'flashback' variety. 2 Patients who had had a number of experiences with LSD, with rarely an unfavorable reaction, continued to experience 'flashback≤ phenomena several mth after the discontinuance of LSD ingestion, but with increased alcohol intake. In both cases the alcohol precipitated a psychotic reaction, with hallucinations and delusions directly related to the violent behavior. and resulted in homicide. Alcohol was introduced in a controlled test dose in I case; 950 ethyl alcohol mixed in a 3:1 solution with fruit juice being given. After 63 ml of alcohol was ingested. the patient noted visual distortions characteristic of LSD intake, but not characteristic of alcohol intoxication. After 125 ml of alcohol had been ingested, the patient became psychotic, violent and uncontrollable. The patient had a subsequent amnesia for this period of time, which was controlled ultimately by chlorpromazine (Thorazine) injection. The second patient had discontinued LSD usage after a frightening experience under its effects. He drank I more heavily aild noted increasing visual and auditory hallucinat - ions. One day at work,in a paranoid deluded state, he killed his co-worker by repeated knife stabbings. The Author has not observed this type of acute psychotic reaction with alcohol alone in žndividuals who have not had LSD previously; and the above experience would appear to differ from the phenomenon known as acute alcohol-ic psychosis as both individuals had not had similar experiences with alcohol prior to their intake of LSD.
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