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Quadri SK, Clark JL, Meites J. 
“Effects of LSD, Pargyline and Haloperidol on Mammary Tumor Growth in Rats.”. 
Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med.. 1973;142(1):22-26.
The effects of LSD, pargyline (P; Abbott) and haloperidol (H; McNeil) on mammary tumor growth were studied. Mammary tumor induction was performed in virgin female Sprague-Dawley rats by giving i.v. 5 mg 7,1Z-dimethylbenzanthracone (DMBA; Upjohn). Mammary tumors developed at an average latency of 55-60 days, and at about 10 wk when all animals had at least 1 mammary adenocarcinoma 1 cm in diameter, they were divided into 4 groups. Treatments given s.c. daily for 3 wk were: P 2.5 mg; H 50 mcg; LSD 0.5, 1 and 2 mcg during the first, second and third weeks, respectively, or vehicle only (0.1 ml corn oil/100 g) (controls). Body weight, number of tumors per rat and the largest diameter of each tumor were recorded once weekly. LSD and P completely inhibited mammary tumor growth for the period of their administration while H stimulated it. On discontinuation of treatment, the growth pattern reverted to control in all cases. Conclusion Results support previous demonstrations that prolactin is necessary for growth of DMBA induced mammary adenocarcinoma in the rat since LSD and P depress, and H elevates, serum prolactin levels.
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