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Loeffler LJ, Pierce JV. 
“Radioimmunoassay for Lysergide (LSD) in Illicit Drugs and Biological Fluids”. 
J.pharm.Sci.. 1973;62:1817-1720.
A simple and convenient radioimmunoassay system was developed for the qualitative detection and quantitative determina - tion of lysergide (LSD) in illicit drugs..human plasma. serum. or urine. The method utilizes a commercially available.tritiated lyser - aide and specific antiserum. which can be obtained in large quan-. tidies from sheep after immunization with a lysergic acid-human: serum albumin conjugate. Quantities of lysergide as low as 1 ng./ ml. can be determined in plasma. serum, or urine, and lower levels can be detected qualitatively.'The sensitivity of the assay is limited by the specific- activity of the commercially available tritiated com - pound. Antibody cross-reactivity and, .thus, interference in the assay were observed with other highly; similar' ergot alkaloids, such as ergonovine, methylergonovine, and ergolamine, but not.with simplerindole structures. .
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