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Denborough MA, Hopkinson KC. 
“Dantrolene and 'ecstasy'”. 
Med J Aust. 1997 Feb 3;166(3):165-6.
Denborough and Hopkinson recently described their finding that 3,4- methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA; 'ecstasy') augments halothane- and caffeine- induced skeletal muscle contractures. They suggest that this may be caused by an elevation of myoplasmic calcium concentration. However, the effective plasma MDMA concentration which they reported (1-8 mmol/L, i.e., 193-1544 mg/L) is some 200-2000 times greater than the plasma concentrations reported in patients who either died or suffered severe hyperthermic reactions as a consequence of taking 'ecstasy'. Most of these cases have been described as having plasma MDMA concentrations of approximately 0.1-1 mg/L. It would be interesting to repeat the experiment with levels within this range.
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