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HA Abramson, A Rolo, B Sklarofsky, J Stache. 
“Production of cross-tolerance to psychosis-producing doses of lysergic acid diethylamide and Psilocybin.”. 
J. Psychol.. 1960.
The production of cross-tolerance to LSD after Psilocybin pretreatment or to Psilocybin after LSD and MLD-41 pretreatment was studied in 5 nonpsychotic subjects. MLD-41 was preferred to LSD as pretreatment since it rapidly develops a tolerance to itself. MLD-41 (1-methyl lysergic acid diethylamide), a Sandoz trial preparation, is a psychotomimetic with 1/3 of the activity of LSD and is less toxic than LSD. The subjects received a pretreatment with increasing doses of Psilocybin orally for 5-12 days (totally 50-103 mg.) or increasing doses of MLD-41 (totally 815-4325 mcg.) and in 1 case of LSD (totally 600 mcg.), following which, oral test doses of 50-75 mcg. LSD or 6-8 mg. Psilocybin were administered. . Cross tolerance developed in all 15 experiments performed. Psilocybin seemed more effective in producing cross-tolerance to LSD than the cross-tolerance produced by LSD and MLD-41 to Psilocybin. Cross- tolerance to LSD produced by pretreatment with Psilocybin was complete in 1 case and almost complete in 5 cases. Cross-tolerance to Psilocybin produced by pretreatment with MLD-41 or LSD was complete in 3 cases, almost complete in 3 cases and only partial in 3 cases. . "These data indicate that there may be a common mechanism responsible for the production of the induced psychotic states in man by compounds of this type." Further investigations are necessary.
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