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Sercl M, Lovarik J, Jaros O. 
“Klinische Erfahrungen mit Psilocybin (CY 39 Sandoz)”. 
Psychiatria et Neurologia. 1961;142:137-146.
1. Fifteen healthy persons received a single dose of Psilocybin, 1-2 mg. orally (5) and 3-6 mg. parenterally (10). 2. Thirty patients, 15 with organic disease of the nervous system (disseminated sclerosis, polyneuritis, postencephalitic state, etc.) with a reactive depression and 15 neurotics (11 with reactive and 4 with endogenous depressive neurosis) received Psilocybin for 10 days in oral doses of 1-2 mg/day or 3 mg. parenterally. Controls were made with placebos. .

RESULTS: 1. Four out of 5 healthy subjects with Psilocybin orally and 7 out of 10 with Psilocybin parenterally experienced marked euphoria. 2. Out of 15 cases with organic disease of the nervous system, 6 showed a marked and 2 slight euphoria. The neurological symptoms were practically not influenced. All of the 15 neurotics experienced marked euphoria. This was a great aid to psychotherapy. Placebo administration produced slight euphoria in 1 out of 15 healthy subjects and in 6 out of the 30 patients. . The effect of Psilocybin was of short duration (3-5 hours). Euphoria set in after 15-30 minutes. The doses were significantly lower than those previously used (10-15 mg. daily); side effects were less frequent (mostly after parenteral administration; short-lasting hyperemia of the face, a feeling of pressure in the occiput, difficulties in concentration, etc.) The effect varied individually. No sign of drug addiction. . Two cases were described in detail.
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