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“"Tangled web" helps drug testing”. 
Med. News. 1960;6(16):2.
Forty-six spiders (Araneus diadematus Cl.) after having spun control webs were given 150 mg/kg Psilocybin orally in sugar water. Under Psilocybin, the spiders spun webs with fewer spiral turns; the webs were smaller although the meshes were larger. It was observed that the spiders moved about as if they were "weighted". Therefore a small lead weight (equal to 230f the spider's weight) was glued on each spider's back. Webs spun by "weighted" spiders without administration of Psilocybin showed a striking similarity to those spun under the influence of Psilocybin. . The author believes that the drug may make the spider feel heavier, particularly since humans under the influence of the hallucinogen undergo a change of body image.
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