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Michaux H. 
“La Psilocybine (Experiences et Autocritique)”. 
Les Lettres Nouv.. 1959;7(35):1-14.
The author, not a doctor but a well-known writer, tells of 2 personal observations on Psilocybin intoxication. . The first experiment with 10 mg. Psilocybin orally was performed in the presence of doctors from the Delay group. It was especially remarkable because of the sequence of optical hallucinations, disturbances of body image and finally feeling of depersonalizaiton. . During the second experiment with 4mg. orally, the author isolated himself voluntarily and made an effort to put his experiences in writing. Besides the well-known visions he emphasizes the feeling of deep tranquillity, the lack of interest in any activity which comes into play especially in the kind of experiments in which the subjects are not exposed to the manifold questions put by medical observers. In this second experiment, the following fact is also worth mentioning. A medical friend stayed in the adjoining room ready to intervene if any undesirable situation developed. In a conversation with the author, he tried to determine the appearance of forgotten memories and to examine his ability to make contact. Carried away by this game of questions and answers finally he revealed childhood memories.
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