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J Delay, P Pichot, T Lempérière, A Quétin. 
“Effet thérapeutique de la Psilocybine sur une névrose compulsive”. 
Ann. Méd. Psychol.. 1959;117:509-515.
Report on a woman aged 35 with compulsive ideas (irresistible desire to eat elicited by the sight of food, followed by intense remorse) who was first treated with chlorpromazine unsuccessfully and later received 2 doses of Psilocybin [dosage? injection i.m.?] as a trial. . The first test performed when the patient was still receiving Cpz (100 mg. daily), did not lead to any emotional abreaction or affetive recall. However, it permitted the patient to express, in an euphoric manner, her fundamental desire to be freed from her body.

The second test performed 4 days later (after discontinuation of Cpz) brought back an unrestrained and extremely violent abundance of memories; it revealed that the patient was aware of the origin of her neurosis and especially her grievances against her mother. Childhood memories, forgotten until now, were relived in their emotional context, especially the separation from the person she regarded as her second mother. An episode of anorexia at the age of 6 was thus explained. . This second injection of Psilocybin brought about a definite improvement of the patient. Thus the intellectual and affective awareness of her problems as well as the permanent change of her mood seemed to be the factors determining the alterations observed.

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