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Delay J, Pichot P, Lempérière T, Nicolas-Charles P, Quétin AM. 
“Les effets psychiques de la Psilocybine et les perspectives thérapeutiques”. 
Presse Méd.. 1959;67:1368.
The over-all picture presented by the reported results permits to classify Psilocybin as a psycholeptic drug, i.e., a drug which is capable of eliciting an artificial psychosis with distorted appreciation of reality and impairment of judgement. It is rather difficult to draw a comparison with other drugs of this class. However, mescaline would appear to be more powerfully hallucinogenic and LSD more strongly depersonalizing. Psilocybin is mainly of interest because of its possible therapeutic applications. It removes inhibitions, evokes cathartic recalling of forgotten memories and assists emotional abreaction, thus permitting a more profound exploration of the personality. These effects serve, further, to create affective contact between doctor and patient and this is highly important if psychotherapy should subsequently be decided on.
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