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Delay J, Pichot P, Lempérière T, Nicolas-Charles P, Quétin AM. 
“Les effets psychiques de la Psilocybine et les perspectives thérapeutiques”. 
Ann. Méd. Psychol.. 1959;117:899-907.
Studies were made of Psilocybin in 13 normal subjects and 30 mental patients. The following changes were notes: . Mood: Euphoria, often alternating with dysphoria (discomfort, apprehensiveness) or marked anxiety. . Consciousness: Disturbed attention, ideation or sense of time. . Contact with the environment: A turning away from reality or complete isolation. . Behavior: Excitement (compulsive movements, unmotivated laughter) sometimes alternating with apathy, which was occasionally almost catatonia-like. . Perception: Marked intensity of sensory impressions; illusions and hallucinations (especially visual but also acoustic or gustatory), acoustic and optical synesthesia. . Body image: Kinesthetic disorders, depersonalization. . Delusional thinking: Antagonistic misinterpretation of environment. Bizarre sensations resembling those previously experienced. . Memory: Stimulation of memory of childhood or traumatic experiences. . The release of forgotten material and the release of inhibitions (emotional abreaction) could be of therapeutic value. Psilocybin has a slighter hallucinogenic effect than mescaline and its depersonalizing effect is less than that of LSD.
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