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Heim R, Brack A, Kobel H, Hofmann A, Cailleux R. 
“Déterminisme de la formation des carpophores et des sclèrotes dans la culture du "psilocybe mexicana" Heim, Agaric hallucinogène du Mexique, et mise en évidence de la psilocybine et de la psilocine”. 
Compt. rend. Acad. sc.. 1958 Mar 3;246:1346-1351.
A description of the methods for isolating the pure active principles of the fungus, Psilocybe mexicana. They are two in number: Psilocybin, a crystalline hallucinogenic substance and Psilocin which has only been isolated in small amounts. Both occur in the sporophorees, sclerotia and mycelium.

Regarding the psychic effects, these are revealed in personal experiences and reported by Hofmann et al (Experientia 14: 107, 1958). This paper contains certain supplementary data: a feeling of general relaxation with a pleasant tickling sensation throughout the body, particularly in the extremities, which feel as heavy as lead; a feeling of complete internal harmony. Some effort is required to observe what is going on outside one, and it seems of little consequence. (See No. 1)

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