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Kuikka JT, Ahonen AK. 
“Toxic effect of MDMA on brain serotonin neurons”. 
Lancet. 1999 Apr 10;353(9160):1269; discussion 127.
Sir--U D McCann and co-workers 1 show decreased brain serotonin transporter binding in MDMA users compared with age-matched and sex-matched controls who had never used MDMA. The investigators used a dual tracer approach: one radioligand [11C](+)McN-5652 for imaging of composed specific binding, non-specific binding, and free ligand, whereas [11C]-(2)McN-5652 imaging consists of only non-specific and free ligand. The latter technique is mainly affected by tissue perfusion. Distribution volume of specific binding in the users of MDMA was found to be decreased in all regions except the thalamus. McCann used logarithmic transformations of distribution volumes corrected for non-specific binding to achieve a normal distribution in the control and MDMA groups. This approach raises the question: are the presented reductions based on the different kinetics of the non-specific radioligand [11C](2)McN-5652 between controls and MDMA users?
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