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Fontana AE. 
“El uso clínico de las drogas alusinógenas”. 
Acta neuropsiquiát. Argent.. 1961;7:94-98.
LSD was administered as an adjuvant to psychotherapy. Under the effect of LSD depersonalization and "ego enhancement" occurred. In general the experience resulted in regression. . I. "Prolonged treatment": 88 patients (psychopathic states, sexual perversion, autism, depression, hysteria, hypochondriasis, obsessive neurosis and psychosis) received an average dose of 100 mcg. LSD. The isolated sessions were of varying frequency, lasted 3 to 6 hours, were interrupted by 50 mg. chlorpromazine and 30 to 40 mg. amobarbital and were continued for at least 6 months. Twenty-two patients were cured, 28 much improved, 19 improved and 19 unchanged. . II. "Short-term treatment": 78 patients (the same personality disorders as under I) were treated weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Nine patients were cured, 34 much improved, 25 improved and 10 unchanged. . III. In group psychotherapy (168 patients under treatment for 5 years, mainly psychopathic states, hypochondriasis and adolescents) 7 to 10 patients had a session with LSD once monthly. Without exception very good progress was obtained. The number of cases was too small to make final assessment. . IV. Ten children with character disorders were cured or much improved.
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