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Rolo A, Krinsky LW, Goldfarb L. 
“LSD as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy with Alcoholics”. 
J.Psychol.. 1960;50:85-104.
"A group of 12 patients with a history of alcoholism dating from 8 to 20-plus years were treated with LSD- 25 as an adjunct to psychotherapy. The medication was given as an aid in establishing rapport and to allow the working through of material on the deeper levels of the unconscious. It was not intended as a curative measure. The principal value of this technique is that it allows a rapid working through of basic conflicts. In the past, hospitalized patients proved highly resistive to therapeutic intervention and out-patients, unable to tolerate the anxiety these conflicts provoked, relapsed into alcoholism before they could make appreciable progress. . The results of a useful and novel interview technique are described. Of 12 subjects in which this technique was employed, the results were favorable in 10. One of the subjects was subsequently diagnosed as schizophrenia, paranoid type, and the other as a severe personality disorder. . This study is part of a preliminary trial. It is suggested that these results justify more intensive investigation."
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