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Wapner S, Krus DM. 
“Effects of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and Differences Between Normals and Schizophrenics on the Stroop Color-Word Test.”. 
J.Neuropsychiat.. 1960 Nov.-Dec.;2:76-81.
"The following assumptions have been made: (A) The Stroop Test is an index of the capacity to maintain a verbally induced uniform course of action independent of the intrusion of competing stimuli; (B) the above capacity presupposes an ability of hierarchic integration; and (C) LSD should induce less adequate performance in both normals and schizophrenics. Using the Stroop Test to investigate the validity of the above assumptions a formal similarity of behavior has been demonstrated between children, schizophrenics and normal individuals under LSD."
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