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Maclean JR, Macdonald DC, Byrne UP, Hubbard AM. 
“The Use of LSD-25 in the Treatment of Alcoholism and Other Psychiatric Problems”. 
Quart.J.Stud.Alcohol. 1961 March;22:34-45.
A report has been presented on the therapeutic effects of LSD in 100 patients- 61 alcoholics with poor prognosis, and 39 nonalcoholics with other psychiatric disabilities. The follow-up period ranged from 3 to 18 months. . A professional therapeutic group included a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse and music therapist. LSD was given in a dosage of 400 to 1500 mcg. and the psychiatrist explained the functions of the group and the implications of the LSD experience. The patients questions were answered by the group and a complete transcript was kept by one of the therapists. As the effect of LSD began to subside, the patient returned to his room and a counselor trained in therapy remained with him until bedtime. Before discharge the next day, the patient was interviewed by the psychiatrist and asked to give a written account and assessment of his experience with LSD. The Blewett scale was used. . The results of treatment, as recorded, showed that 30 of the alcoholics and 22 of the other psychiatric patients were much improved; an additional 16 and 13 of the alcoholics and others, respectively, showed some improvement. The results were best in the alcoholics without complications, in alcoholism with personality trait disturbance, and in the nonalcoholics with personality trait disturbance or anxiety reaction neurosis. Other diagnostic categories were not studied in sufficient numbers to permit drawing of inferences. . It was concluded that LSD, used with the described treatment method, is effective in the treatment of alcoholism and the psychiatric disabilities categorized as anxiety reaction neurosis and personality trait disturbances.
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