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Pierce J. 
“Zur Wirkung von Atarax auf die LSD-Modellpsychose”. 
Praxis. 1961;50:486-491.
In a series of 6 personal experiments the author took 40, 80 and 130 mcg. LSD orally, after premedication with 5 doses of 25 mg. hydroxyzine (atarax) or placebo on the previous day. LSD was followed by another 25 mg. hydroxyzine or placebo. Then a test series (Kraepelin test, draw-a-tree test, Rorschach test) and an EEG were taken. Blood pressure, pulse rate and pupillary dilation were studied. . An increased tolerance to LSD, probably of individual nature, was observed. The characteristic LSD effects were produced with only 130 mcg. LSD. . Hydroxyzine attenuated LSD effects and the duration of effects was shorter. The draw-a-tree test showed less haziness. The Rorschach test revealed less aggression and anxiety, the figures percepted became more like human beings. Decrease in blood pressure was less marked. A stabilizing effect on the EEG was observed in the form of more rapid and continuous activity. Pupillary dilation and pulse rate were not altered. The general neurovegetative symptoms were milder. . Similar experiments and the possible mechanism of the influence of hydroxyzine on LSD effects are discussed.
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