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Silverstein AB, Klee GD. 
“The Effect of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Dual Pursuit Performance”. 
J.Clin.& Exper.Psychopath.. 1960;21:300-303.
The effect of LSD on psychomotor functioning was tested in 20 male students by means of a complicated task, the dual pursuit performance test. . In the dual pursuit performance test the subject's task is to keep two pointers, one vertical and the other horizontal, centered on their target marks, controling them by means of 2 knobs, one operated by each hand. The pointers drift slowly off the targets, and the subjects have to turn the knobs to keep them on their marks. The time that both pointers are simultaneously on the target is automatically registered. . In the early stages of learning the process LSD in doses of 72 mcg. significantly impaired the test performance. In later stages there was no significant impairment by LSD. Five hours after the drug was taken the effect was gone. The observed impairment seemed to be due to difficulty in concentration, although the possibility of specific perceptual or motor disturbances cannot be ruled out.
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