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Gupta GP, Dhawan BN. 
“Blockade of reserpine emesis in pigeons”. 
Arch. int. pharmacodyn.. 1960;128:481-490.
Various pharmacological agents were tested for their ability to block reserpine-induced (0.5 mg/kg) emesis in pigeons. . Among the central nervous stimulants tested LSD, methamphetamine, caffeine and iproniazid afforded protection: Partial protection was observed with cocaine and methylphenidate. Results of LSD in various doses with simultaneous reserpine challenge were: . Among the central nervous depressants studied only morphine was effective. Phenothiazine derivatives and other antiemetics were ineffective. Among the adrenergic blocking agents rauwolscine and yohimbine afforded protection, while dihydergotamine was ineffective. Atropine and other anti-cholinergics were ineffective. . According to the literature, most of the effective drugs antagonize other effects of reserpine.
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