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Ziolko HU. 
“Psychotrope Drogenwirkung und psychische Ausgangslage (Neurose)”. 
Neuro-Psychopharmacology. 1959;p711.
Short report of observations in neurotic women (ages 18 to 45 years) after administration of various psychotropic drugs, among them LSD. . LSD (40 mcg. orally) almost always caused a depressive change of mood. It activated suppressed experiences and complexes and mobilized fear. In the Rorschach test the number of answers is reduced and the type of experience seems to be limited, due to psychic inhibition. . The scenic content of the optic hallucinations corresponds to the state of mood. Therefore the psychoreactive type of personality determines the formation of hallucinations. . The author concludes that the drug-induced phenomena are to a great extent superimposed so that the characteristic effect of LSD is hardly or not at all recognizable.
Notes # : Psychotropic effects of drugs and initial psychic state (neuroses)
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