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Manzini B, Saraval A. 
“L'intossicazione sperimentale da LSD ed i suoi rapporti con la schizofrenia. Osservazioni su due casi di confine tra nevrosi e schizofrenia trattati con somministrazioni ripetute di LSD”. 
Riv.sper.Freniat.. 1960;84:589-618.
Two patients, borderline cases between neurosis and schizophrenia, were given LSD on several occasions and in gradually increasing [oral] doses (25-150 mcg.). Observation and the written reports of the patient showed that there are considerable differences between LSD-induced and schizophrenic symptoms. The characteristic autism and dissociation of schizophrenia are absent with LSD. Delusions, the third cardinal symptom of schizophrenia, also occur following LSD but essentially differ from those of the schizophrenic who is also much more convinced of the correctness of his ideas. Perceptional disturbances due to LSD differ from those due to schizophrenia and, as a rule, are not true hallucinations. Depersonalization due to LSD is secondary to the change in body image, while in schizophrenia it is primarily psychogenic. Finally, disturbances of consciousness following LSD resemble those observed in other exogenic psychoses (due to alcohol, morphine etc.) but not those occurring in schizophrenia. . Psychotic (schizophrenic) changes were not observed in these patients after the experiments. . (See 185, 185a)
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