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“Hallucinogenic drugs. The future”. 
Lancet. 1961;1:445.
Short report of Society proceedings concerning the use of LSD and other psychotomimetics in psychotherapy. The concluding paragraph reads as follows: . "People who have had a certain experience may too readily assume that everyone else will benefit as much as they, and enthusiasts (as were most of the latter speakers in the conference) are not always the first to point out the dangers. Through a cult of "lysergic analysis" may be unlikely to spring up, it must be emphasized that these drugs are potent and carry risks of addiction, psychosis, and suicide, nor is it at all certain that only "prepsychotic" persons are at risk. Much more knowledge of good (and ill) effect is needed before LSD can be introduced into the mental welfare curriculum. It remains a talking point whether drug psychosis has most in common with schizophrenia, affective disorder, toxic delirious state, or extended temporal-lobe aura, and it is even more doubtful how far it is therapeutically effective. Though some papers were impressive and offered hope for the formerly hopeless, it is manifestly wrong to suggest that this treatment cannot be submitted to controlled scrutiny, and the sooner the better."
Notes # : (Roy. Medico-Psychol. Ass., London, Feb.15-17, 1961)
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