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Biered J, Browne IW. 
“An experiment with a psychiatric night hospital”. 
Proc. Roy. Soc. Med.. 1960;53:930-932.
In a "psychiatric night hospital", patients with neuroses were given individual psychotherapy supported by LSD and methamphetamine. Psychotherapy + LSD (with or without methamphetamine) was also employed in chronic and more severe psychiatric cases, though not individually but as group therapy. Groups were meeting on 1-3 or 5 evenings every week. The results presented refer to the first 5 groups comprising a total of 75 patients (schizophrenia 30, depression 10, psychopathia 11, hysteria 8, anxiety 9, homosexuality 7). At the beginning of treatment 43 patients were working while 32 did not work. .

RESULTS: 10 patients were markedly improved, 20 improved, 7 slightly improved, 20 not improved. Seven patients were referred to a psychiatric hospital, 1 patient committed suicide (not under the influence of LSD), 10 patients stopped treatment. During treatment, 15 patients who did not work before got a job and 4 patients gave up work. . "The experiment in LSD as part of individual and group psychotherapy seems to be encouraging enough to be continued on an experimental basis." . Comment: Ling and Buckman (See 861) employed individual psychotherapy + LSD + methamphetamine presumably in the same psychiatric night hospital.
Notes # : (Royal Soc. Med., Sect. Psychiat., London, May 10, 1960.)
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