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Dhawan BN, Gupta GP. 
“Some further observations on LSD-25 morphine antagonism”. 
Indian J.Physiol. Pharmacol.. 1960;4:116-.
The authors studied the effect of morphine and related drugs on LSD pyrexia and the effect of LSD on morphine and apomorphine vomiting. . Pyrexia was produced in albino rabbits by 50 mcg/kg LSD i.m., 0.1 ml. TAB vaccine i.v. or 10 mg/kg dinitrophenol (DNP) i.p. Simultaneous administration of morphine, dihydromorphinan and dihydrohydroxycodeinone blocked the pyretic response of LSD while nalorphine, apomorphine, amidone and levorphan were ineffective. . Emesis produced in mongrel dogs by apomorphine or morphine was successfully antagonized by previous (15 minutes) administration of LSD i.v. (ED50 = 12.7 and 25.8 mcg/kg respectively). LSD was ineffective against emetine emesis. . The observations suggest a specific antagonism between central effects of LSD and morphine.
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